Bonn at Night in English

You are visiting Bonn for vacation, studies or work? And you are looking for a decent place to have a drink or two? Well, this short overview might help you to find your way. All recommendations are my personal view, since I have been living in Bonn for over 15 years now; this blog is my non-profit pub and bar guide for Bonn. So enjoy your stay in the most beautiful city along the Rhine (probably)!

Old Jacob Bar Bonn Kesselgasse Gute Cocktails Tipp beste Bar in Bonn
I strongly recommend: The Old Jacob!

Welcome to Bonn!

Within the past years, Bonn has become a more and more international city. The university, the UN-buildings, the unnumberal international institutes, Beethoven´s birthplace, the Rhine, the hills of the Siebengebirge: There are many reasons to come to Bonn. If you do so, the following guide might help you to find your perfect bar, pub or brewery in Bonn. Below, I list places, I consider to be good for a drink in Bonn, so you will find bars rather than restaurants – although many places do serve food, too. But please be aware, in Germany many places to not necessarily accept creditcards, so you better have some cash with you! Oh, and if you travel during the „fifth season“ (Carnival! To make it simple: One crazy weekend, normaly in february, check for dates here) any recommendation given is obsolet, most places are just upside down then, especially in Zentrum and Altstadt!

Need a Map? Looking for a Pub Crawl?

If you need any more help, you can find a map of bars and pubs in Bonn right here. Or maybe you prefer a real pub crawl? I offer a digital pub tour through the centre of Bonn for only a few Euro. It is similar to a treasure hunt, all you need is a smartphone or tablet. Go for it right hereIn case you prefer a guided tour or you need any further Information – just get in touch via mail (at)

There we go – what to do in Bonn at night? A short list of recommendations, tips and suggestions will guide you to the nighlife of Bonn. All links will redirect to Google-Maps:

Mausefalle Bonn Südstadt Kneipe große Bierauswahl


The city centre and historical old town is the area surrounding city hall and catholic minster. Though it is central, it is not the main nightlife area of Bonn, which is rather the so called Old Town (Altstadt, see below).

Bar, Lounge, Cocktails: The Old Jacob (I say: best bar in Bonn! Victorian Style, great cocktails, a real bar without any tex-mex) – Jacob´s Playground (the sibbling of the Old Jacob, only some 200 meters away, again great cocktails, open till late, some  ) –  Che Guevara (the Cuban way…) – The Waiting Room (brand new bar close to the central train station and next to the Che Guevara, music and decoration adopt the „Golden 20s“, very good Cocktails, most ingredients handmade – you will love the atmosphere!).

Breweries (Brauhaus) and local Inns: Bönnsch (real brewery, the original Kölsch from Bonn, I strongly recommend this! Traditional cuisine. The beer-glasses have a special shape and are a great souvenir) – Em Höttche (one of the oldest breweries; already Beethoven had a drink here; unfortunately the place stopped brewing its own beer; nevertheless local Kölschbeer from Cologne is served, restaurant-feeling, traditional food) – Im Stiefel (right next to the Beethoven-Museum, therefore rather convenient for tourists, again wooden-cosy-atmosphere inside, but no real brewery anymore)

Cozy Corner Pubs: Zebulon (still in the atmosphere of the wild 1960s, mix of silver-aged former students, real students and internationals from all over the world) – slightly offside centre behind the opera building you will the Billa Bonn (international pub, but not in the Irish/ English way, good for bigger groups, many seats, cosy atmosphere, a lot of students)

Real English/ Irish Pubs: The James Joyce (the way you expect a pub, located in an old wine mansion)

Student life: Café Blau (indeed a café, you can go there for breakfast already, prices for drinks and food are modest, turns to a bar in the evening, close to the university and packed with students, DJ on most weekends)

Winebar: You will find a couple of nice Winebars along the Friedrichstraße, like the Weinkommissar or the La Cigale (both rather pricy for German standard, so bring some Euro).

Let´s Dance! If you are looking for a place to throw your legs around, there is only one place to go: The Blow Up, the most traditional nightclub in town, just opposite the Bönnsch (see above). It used to be located in an old strip club, then had to move, but kept the old decoration. You will love it! Go there late!

Beer Garden/ Biergarten: Alter Zoll (great view, right next to the university and next to the river) – Schänzchen (somewhat of a mile north of centre, but worth going! Bavarian styled food and beer. Great view of the river!).


The nowadays so called old town is the real heart of Bonn´s nightlife, bars and pubs. You will find its narrow streets just north of the Stadthaus-Towers.

Bar, Lounge, Cocktails – The Altstadt is rather a Pub-style area, but if you love fine cocktails, check the Déjá Vu (slighly offside old town, bar in art-nouveau-atmosphere with a very good cuisine and the widest Gin selection in Bonn, great cocktails, though not cheap)

Breweries (Brauhaus) and local Inns: Bierhaus Machold (serves its own beer, but not brewed here any more, nowadays western style, football on screen, nice beer garden!).

Cozy Corner Pubs: Pawlow (open 10am till late, a small place for everyone from students to former 60s-hippies, great atmosphere!) – Limes (dark and alternative in music and atmosphere – but nevertheless friendly and unique, a place different from any termes – biggest beer selection in Bonn from all over the world, Kazachstan to Australia) – Nyx (cosy corner pub on weekdays, party on weekends) – Musiktruhe (simple place for a a beer or two, you can find seats in a rather big group, too, billard, dart, classic rock and blues, decorated with old music instruments all over).

Real English/ Irish Pubs: Flynn´s Inn (I say: probably the best pub in Bonn! The owner-runned house offers a wide range of Whiskey and Beer/ Craft Beer – go there!) – The Dubliner (this one is new in town, a cellar bar, many seats and some loving decoration deteils, sometimes live music, maybe slighly too close to a find-it-in-every-town style)

Student life: Pinte (we recommend this: great beer selection, Craft Beer available, always crowded, but rather small, German football on screen on weekends, European Cups during week)- Babel (rather dark inside, still you might like the atmosphere of young people enjoying their drinks) – Maya (see below, dance)

Winebar: – not really! (the Altstadt is rather a beer place)

Let´s Dance! The Maya is a mix of student life, mexican styled cocktails and dancing (on weekends only) – if you prefer a certain music-style (80s, 90s, crossover, charts) have a look at the Nyx: cosy corner pub on weekdays, party on weekends

Open till late: Many places in Bonn might close around 1.00 a.m., but the Wache (5.00 a.m.) and the Zone (3.00 a.m. on working days, 5.00 a.m. on weekends) will still be there for you!

Beer Garden/ Biergarten: – not really! Though the Machold (see for brewerie) has a very nice little garden and the Schänzchen (great view!) is close.

Südstadt & Poppelsdorf

The city quarters south of the university used to be well-known for student bars and cafés. Due to its burlesque art nouveau architecture, it recently slightly lost this flair and became a residential area for those who can afford.

Bar, Lounge, Cocktails: BarRoon (mix of bar, restaurant and café) – Extro (somewhere between bar, café and bistro, nice interior, gives a good impression of Gründerzeit and Jugendstil in this city quarter) – Cocktailbar Mojito (very decent prices, a lot of students around)

Breweries (Brauhaus) and local Inns: The Treppchen gives you a nice idea of a traditional German Gasthaus

Cozy Corner Pubs: Mausefalle (this one`s classy! A few steps down to a cellar you can find a place unchanged since the 70s or 80s. Might sound strange, but we recommend to go there, as the atmosphere is unique) – Zartbitter (calls itself the oldest bar/ pub in this quarter, worth to go for its Belgian beers, little terrace is offering a nice view on Jugendstil-archticture).

Real English/ Irish Pubs: – not really!

Student life: Studikneipe (the name tells all about the place: you can find students here, some watching German Bundesliga, some just having a drink, small, but nice place) – Butcher´s Sportsbar (not far off the Studikneipe you can find this young and lively sportsbar).

Winebar: – not really!

Let´s Dance! – not really!

Beer Garden/ Biergarten: You have to go to the Alter Zoll next to the university – brilliant view over the river!


It might be worth to cross the river. The other bank is smaller, but has long sunny evenings, so I recommend an summer-evening in a beer garden in Beuel

Bar, Lounge, Cocktails: – not really!

Breweries (Brauhaus) and local Inns: The Assenmacher next to the double church (yeah, two in one!) in Schwarzrheindorf is close to brewhouse-style, serves outstanding food (everything is home-made) and a good selection of Craft Beer and wine.

Cozy Corner Pubs & Student life: The place to be in Beuel is the Rheinlust, a mix of nearly everything: You can bump in for a coffee only, go for breakfast, lunch or dinner (quality is ok, prices are fair), play billard or watch football on screen. However, most people come for the very nice beer garden, offering a great view of the river.

Real English/ Irish Pubs: – not really!

Winebar: – not really!

Let´s Dance! – not really!

Beer Garden/ Biergarten: That´s why you come to Beuel, it is the side of endless evening sun! Visit the Blauer Affe (situated on a nice meadow next to the river, offering Barbecue and Bavarian beer – I recommend this!) or the Bahnhöfchen (more central, but rather crowded, located in an old train station). A way down south you will find nice places around the Hotel Kameha Grand, such as the Rheinalm. The whole area down there is worth going, but slightly far off (use tram 62 till Oberkassel to go).


Slightly offside in the very south of Bonn, the former independent city of Godesberg still presents some nice art nouveau architecture as well as nice places along the river. Unfortunately, the centre is a rather concrete jungle.

Bar, Lounge, Cocktails: Limao (Godesberg houses one of Bonn´s top-three cocktail-bars, a Brasilian styled bar with a good cuisine and very own cocktail creations!). Or maybe you are fan of the 20s? Then have a look at the Leibhaus slighly outside the centre of Godesberg.

Breweries (Brauhaus) and local Inns: – not really!

Cozy Corner Pubs – Both of the following two places are for those loving an unique atmopshere in a rather individually designed place. Nothing posh though, but places with a certain character for a fine glas of beer, both located between wealthy mansions (Villenviertel – worth seeing!): Zwitscherstube Rien ne va Plus

Real English/ Irish Pubs: – not really!

Student life: – not really!

Winebar: KuK Weinhäuschen (a little southway down the river in the suburbian village of Mehlem – you better cycle, it`s too far to walk – the Austrian restaurant is well-known for its great wine sellection, nice outside area with a brilliant view on the Drachenfels, too)

Let´s Dance! – not really!

Beer Garden/ Biergarten: A lot of history, old charme and a great view combines the public beer garden under chestnuts next to the Hotel Dreesen. But you might as well come for the Bastei or the Schaumburger Hof. All of them offer a cuisine not to complain about and a great view of the river.

Others – a little off the road

You might also want to check in at the Fiddlers Irish Pub in Bonn-Endenich (A great pub in an old manor-house with wooden beams all around) or have a look at the Quiet Man (Not quiet at all! Great atmosphere, cozy place, always packed with people).

This page contains private views and opinions only. No responsibility taken for the correctness of any information, neither for any external link. If you prefer to see pictures, too: My German texts do offer pics, you find each place in the alphabetical list right here!